Thursday, December 22, 2016

LAMMILY DOLL - The Normal Barbie

I had to check out the new "Normal Barbie" that came out in 2015. This doll was the result of a campaign to create a realistic doll that resembled normal body proportions. All of this is to foster a positive body image for girls, and boys (there's also a new male version of the Lammily doll available.) For the complete story, you can visit the website - LAMMILY

What got me interested in this doll was the HUGE response from customers interested in clothes for the Curvy Barbie. At first, I was reluctant to purchase the Curvy Barbie dolls as I never had a problem with the "regular Barbies" being negative for young girls and their perceptions of unrealistic body images. I grew up playing with Barbies, and never associated my own body image in comparison to theirs.

But after I purchased my first Curvy doll, I became HOOKED! I totally love her shape and find her larger body proportions a fun challenge to design for. For this reason, I became interested in Lammily.

I've purchased a lot of dolls over the years and must confess that my Lammily Doll arrived beautifully boxed.She appeared at my doorstep safely nestled in 3 boxes.

Unlike the Barbie, her arms and legs are articulated and can bend into shape (slightly) and her feet/hands are jointed. These are small parts, and not recommended for young children. I personally don't think anyone would buy this doll for a young child as she costs $25.

Shapewise, Lammily has a thicker waistline, and a full head of hair. I'm not a fan of her white tennis shoes, and clothes. Her jacket and shorts have velcro closure. I'll post more later on how this doll compares to the Curvy Barbie and the regular Barbies.

Overall, I'm happy with this doll and anxious to see what designs I can create for her over at OzarkFashions

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