Monday, January 2, 2017

LAMMILY Doll - OOAK Handmade Jumpsuit

During the holidays, I've been focusing heavily on the Curvy Barbie doll, and hadn't been designing much for the Lammily. 

One of the reasons is that Lammily is harder to draft patterns for. Her bustline isn't proportionate to her hips, which causes some designs to look drab in the chest area.

With that said, one particular design that I found more suitable for Lammily, is the jumpsuit.

Lammily is starting off the New Year's in Lavender and Lace!

This particular design has a wide waistline, and full sweeping pants. A crocheted belt ties her figure into shape.
 Some small details were added to soften the neckline. Lace, and pearls.

 A fully lined bodice with snap enclosures.

Two rows of lace to add length and color.

This particular outfit is a OOAK (one of a kind) design, as I will not be duplicating the exact details, but I do plan to add more full sized jumpsuits for Lammily in the future!

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