Monday, January 2, 2017

LAMMILY Doll - OOAK Handmade Jumpsuit

During the holidays, I've been focusing heavily on the Curvy Barbie doll, and hadn't been designing much for the Lammily. 

One of the reasons is that Lammily is harder to draft patterns for. Her bustline isn't proportionate to her hips, which causes some designs to look drab in the chest area.

With that said, one particular design that I found more suitable for Lammily, is the jumpsuit.

Lammily is starting off the New Year's in Lavender and Lace!

This particular design has a wide waistline, and full sweeping pants. A crocheted belt ties her figure into shape.
 Some small details were added to soften the neckline. Lace, and pearls.

 A fully lined bodice with snap enclosures.

Two rows of lace to add length and color.

This particular outfit is a OOAK (one of a kind) design, as I will not be duplicating the exact details, but I do plan to add more full sized jumpsuits for Lammily in the future!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

LAMMILY DOLL - The Normal Barbie

I had to check out the new "Normal Barbie" that came out in 2015. This doll was the result of a campaign to create a realistic doll that resembled normal body proportions. All of this is to foster a positive body image for girls, and boys (there's also a new male version of the Lammily doll available.) For the complete story, you can visit the website - LAMMILY

What got me interested in this doll was the HUGE response from customers interested in clothes for the Curvy Barbie. At first, I was reluctant to purchase the Curvy Barbie dolls as I never had a problem with the "regular Barbies" being negative for young girls and their perceptions of unrealistic body images. I grew up playing with Barbies, and never associated my own body image in comparison to theirs.

But after I purchased my first Curvy doll, I became HOOKED! I totally love her shape and find her larger body proportions a fun challenge to design for. For this reason, I became interested in Lammily.

I've purchased a lot of dolls over the years and must confess that my Lammily Doll arrived beautifully boxed.She appeared at my doorstep safely nestled in 3 boxes.

Unlike the Barbie, her arms and legs are articulated and can bend into shape (slightly) and her feet/hands are jointed. These are small parts, and not recommended for young children. I personally don't think anyone would buy this doll for a young child as she costs $25.

Shapewise, Lammily has a thicker waistline, and a full head of hair. I'm not a fan of her white tennis shoes, and clothes. Her jacket and shorts have velcro closure. I'll post more later on how this doll compares to the Curvy Barbie and the regular Barbies.

Overall, I'm happy with this doll and anxious to see what designs I can create for her over at OzarkFashions

Saturday, November 19, 2016

CURVY BARBIE CLOTHES - Curvy Barbie Fabulous in Stripes

 Curvy Barbie looks amazing in Stripes!

 Now what is the one golden rule for those wanting to look slimmer?
 Answer:  Don't wear stripes horizontally!
But why does Curvy Barbie look fabulous in stripes? Because it shows her curves and her curves are what makes her fabulous!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

CURVY BARBIE DOLL - Plus Sized Barbie

 Have you had a chance to check out the new Curvy Barbie doll?
 This Plus Sized Barbie Doll is really growing on me (no pun intended)

Look how full her figure is.
I have a feeling this Curvy Barbie doll will become one of my favorites. Designing clothes for her is a challege (there are no commercial Barbie Patterns out there, that I'm aware of) but she is a lot of fun to put piece together outfits. No more sharing clothes with the rest of the gals - this full figured Barbie is in a class all her own, and she's looking pretty good!

Sunday, March 8, 2015


 This month I had received a notice from eBay to celebrate my 13th anniversary.

Technically, I had been on eBay much longer (using my husband's account) but OFFICIALLY, I had started selling handmade Barbie doll clothes on my own account - 13 years ago. Happy Anniversary to me!

With that said, there has been many changes on eBay (both good and bad - and the bad being the reason why I had taken a hiatus.)

I have recently noticed more doll clothes being sold online for unbelievably low prices. For example, a "handmade" Barbie outfit, with keywords such as OOAK (one of a kind) are being offered for sale, for a mere dollar or two and with FREE SHIPPING.

How can something mass produced (100+ available to purchase) be technically, "handmade" or one of a kind?

There is no way a person in the United States could sew a doll outfit, sell it for a dollar and charge free shipping. They would literally lose money and go broke.

Yet a person in China, can sell clothes for less than a dollar and they are able to offer FREE SHIPPING and still earn a living.

Let's look at the photo I had taken from eBay of a seller from China offering Barbie fashions for $1.28 and free shipping.

Currently, the Chinese Yuan is 6.26 compared to the 1.00 USD. This means that the item that was sold to me for $1.28 USD earned the person in China the equivalent value of (rounded) $8. Or think of it this way. Each dollar spent in China is increased by 6.26 times.

Thanks to a program (USPS ePacket) offered by the US Postal Service, a lot of US sellers feel that China has been given an unfair advantage to sell on eBay.

Although I agree to this initially, I must say that after reading this article - USPS ePacket - Love it or Hate it - article, that I now realize that US sellers (and others) have an advantage.

It's called, Adapt.

After looking at countless listings of paper thin "handmade" and "OOAK" doll outfits from China, I now realize that quality and originality has been compromised.

I will now focus my attention on creating my own quality handmade fashions, not to mention, offering fast and reliable customer service and guarantees.

For $4, I had purchased this Barbie closet with hangers. Free epacket shipping from China.

15 days later, I received the product. Although the hangers are very thin and the closet is too small to handle authentic handmade clothes (pictured to the right on hangers)... the closet can only hold short and thin outfits that were commercially manufactured.
The shelf is cute, but more of a novelty item. Just a slight bump will knock it over and the doors cannot close when hangers are hung.

Overall, those in China with the luxury of selling overseas with free shipping MAY have an unfair advantage over US sellers, but quality will always trump quantity.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

BARBIE IS PRETTY IN PINK - Handmade Doll Fashions for Barbie

 I confess. I've discovered that NOT CHANGING out the color of thread in my sewing machine makes sewing multiple outfits so much easier! Thus the color trend today --- PINK!

I love these small dresses. I could have whipped through them and zigzagged the hems, the sleeves, and saved a lot of time, but going that extra mile to fully line the bodice, to hand stitch each hem and to add a snap instead of Velcro, is so well worth it.
 I'm not against Velcro. I love Velcro, but certain designs call for a snap.
Not sure what color I'll be working on next...
In the meantime, I'm also still working on my new website - Dollicious Boutique  I'm excited
to have some new inventory to add soon.
I have recently bid and won a FABULOUS Auction - deal on VINTAGE BARBIE CLOTHES & accessories and can't wait to model and list these items. I haven't decided what to do with all the new dolls I've acquired as well. Either I can turn them into models, or sell some to share.
Feel free to make suggestions, or to comment here, or on my FACEBOOK PAGE  It was formerly
JUST DOLLS, but is now Dollicious Boutique. I love to not only share news from the home front, but to also share pages from like-minded doll enthusiasts and artists around the world.
And if you're looking for something pink for your dollies, you can find some of these dresses available on my Etsy Store - OzarkFashions

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Handmade Doll Clothes for Barbie and Friends

This week's fashions consists of the Denim Sundress for Barbie and friends. This is a fully lined denim bodice. The inside of the lining matches the skirt and sleeves.

I prefer a lined bodice for quality purposes and for this particular gown, it has a snap enclosure.

Hemline has been hand stitched, and all sides of the gown has been professionally serged.

To complement the gown, I've included a matching floral headband to either be worn over the head, to pull the hair to the side, or even as a corsage around the waistline.

Each gown has been tried on Barbie and all her friends to ensure a more perfect fit.

I had blogged on the various sizes of the modern and vintage Barbies HERE 

These fashions are currently available in my Etsy store: OzarkFashions
Have any doll questions? I can be reached on Facebook at Dollicious Boutique