Saturday, January 31, 2015

Handmade Doll Clothes for Barbie and Friends

This week's fashions consists of the Denim Sundress for Barbie and friends. This is a fully lined denim bodice. The inside of the lining matches the skirt and sleeves.

I prefer a lined bodice for quality purposes and for this particular gown, it has a snap enclosure.

Hemline has been hand stitched, and all sides of the gown has been professionally serged.

To complement the gown, I've included a matching floral headband to either be worn over the head, to pull the hair to the side, or even as a corsage around the waistline.

Each gown has been tried on Barbie and all her friends to ensure a more perfect fit.

I had blogged on the various sizes of the modern and vintage Barbies HERE 

These fashions are currently available in my Etsy store: OzarkFashions
Have any doll questions? I can be reached on Facebook at Dollicious Boutique

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