Monday, January 12, 2015

BARBIE DOLL CLOTHES - Fashion Jumpsuit for Barbie and Friends

My newest fashion is the Barbie Jumpsuit. This two piece ensemble is versatile enough to fit Barbie and all her friends of similar size. SO far, I've successfully fitted this outfit on Vintage Barbie, Modern Barbie, Collector Barbie, Silkstone Barbie, My Scene Barbie, Midge Doll, and Liv Doll.

What makes it work, is that it is a one piece with a separate crocheted belt. As we all know, belts can do wonders for adjusting that perfect fit. I really love using crocheted belts as they maintain their shape when tying at the waistline of dolls (unlike using a firm ribbon.)

The fully lined bodice with darts keeps the shape in the bust line and provides ample space for the larger or smaller sized dolls.

I like to describe my fashions as "heirloom quality" when I take the extra effort to fully line the outfit. Lining the outfit not only gives the outfit a more professional finish, but it also makes the garment more durable to prevent wear and tear.

When posting fashions in my store, I do specify on whether an outfit is professionally serged, or fully lined. Some outfits are also hand stitched due to the size as sometimes a machine or serger proves to be more difficult when handling narrow contours in small doll fashions.

Using snaps will provide a more cleaner look and more professional edge, not to mention, it maintains that vintage look. I do use Velcro occasionally on some outfits and will specify when I do.

I'm inspired with the fashions of the 60's! Currently, I do have some jumpsuits available in my store. I do welcome ideas for custom orders, but can't guarantee I can pursue each request. Usually when I agree on a fashion, I will list the item in my store with no strings attached.

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