Monday, January 19, 2015

TONNER BJD DOLL FASHIONS - Doll Clothes to fit both Tyler Wentworth - Ellowyne Wilde - City Girls

Thanks to a custom order I had to do for a client, I came up with the inspiration for this design.

I needed to create a bridesmaid ensemble for the modern slimmer Barbie doll and while putting together the long white train for each evening gown, I started to see the potential in how this design would be perfect to fit multiple dolls.

This evening gown (which I'm thinking of naming the butterfly gown) is stretchable, and can easily slip on, with the shoulder sleeves adjustable from the back with elastic.

But best of all, this doll fashion can be shared by several BJD (ball jointed dolls) in the 16" range.

Due to the elasticity of the gown, it virtually has a one size fit's all benefit - especially for the Tonner dolls ---Ellowyne Wilde, Tyler Wentworth, and the gorgeous Tonner City Girl's doll (which is modeling this gown.)

This year, my goal is to come up with newer designs and to add a few new models to the runway.

For current designs that are available for purchase, you can visit my ETSY STORE OzarkFashions  - I specialize in handmade doll designs for a variety of vintage and modern dolls.

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