Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BARBIE DOLL CLOTHES - Ancient Photography From Scanner

There is no greater joy than to discover an old CD when spring cleaning and to find pictures from long ago that were taken with a scanner!
Hard to believe, but there was a time when we had to take pictures the old fashioned way. If you were lucky to own a Polaroid Instamatic (or unlucky) you could snap a photo and instantly wait for it to develop and slide out of your camera.  But boy did the film replacements for those Instamatics cost a fortune!
Or, you could buy a regular camera, or a disposable one and have your photo's taken to a ONE HOUR PHOTO developer shop and have your pictures the same day.
But then again, the big question back then was, HOW TO UPLOAD ON THE WEB? This was my main focus over 15 years ago. Back then, the average family didn't own a compact digital camera. One would have to take their film to a shop and have them upload it digitally into a CD so that we could take it home and upload into our computer.
When I first started designing doll clothes, I discovered that I could take photo's of my dolls instantly through the scanner and have the pictures instantly sent to my computer. This was when I used to sell my designs on eBay.
THUS my first designs have been photographed by a scanner. Which would also explain the odd way they are photographed, as I had to place the dolls FACE DOWN into the scanner with a background to block the light.
Even more difficult, I was not sure which way things were situated when trying to scan an entire doll and outfit. This took a lot of manipulation.  I was also limited to using a Barbie sized doll or smaller to scan, and not all outfits were photogenic through the scanner.

 Here's a popular gown that I had designed using leopard faux fur. This gown was fully lined with muslin and I accentuated with beads, buttons, matching handbag, and pill box hat.

Another design was the Barbie pants - fully lined in muslin, and a matching halter top. On this photo you can see that I used a white fabric for her background before scanning the photo. She's wearing a black cowboy hat and her head is turned sideways for the scanner.

What I find the most interesting about these photo's is that it has shown how far technology has advanced in the last 15 years and how easy it is to instantly upload photos with virtually anything, whether it is with a digital camera, a cellphone, our computer, tablet, or even still, our scanner.

All this has me wondering WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE in another 15 years?


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