Sunday, January 25, 2015

NEW ONLINE DOLL SHOP - Dollicious Boutique

One of the things I've wanted to do for a long time, was to start a THRIFT STORE FOR DOLLS.

Since I've always enjoyed shopping thrift for my family, it only made sense to recycle vintage and twice loved doll fashions for dolls. Dolls love to share clothes, just as much as they enjoy a brand new outfit!

Thus came the idea to launch my new online store, Dollicious Boutique.

Not only can I share my newest designs and ideas, but I can also shop thrift and help locate bargains for the dollies.

I also wanted to have the opportunity to offer a lot of Barbie basics. With a flat rate shipping, a person could shop unlimited on small doll stuff. This would make more affordable sense when wanting to purchase several tiny hair bows, shorts, and a pair of shoes.

It will take time to build the store, but feel free to drop by and browse.

Lots of neat changes on the way. Stay tuned on Just Dolls blog as I plan to offer recycling ideas on making your own doll furniture as well as tutorials on doll designs.

I'm currently still keeping shop on Etsy - OzarkFashions

On Facebook, Just Dolls has now turned into Dollicious Boutique

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